Sunday, September 9, 2018

Titan Legion Festus & House Scourge

One of the many pleasures the hobby brings me is working out the background for my army. Doing so, for me, adds that extra level of detail so it's not just another generic army amongst many taking to the tabletop. These are my named heroes, units and war machines, and with that comes a greater sense of personalisation.

Long have I held a desire for a force dedicated to Nurgle, whether that be Age Of sigmar, 40K or even Blood Bowl. For Adeptus Titanicus, that is no different, and I've spent the last couple of weeks scouring the interwebby for details and references to Titan Legions that turned traitor but dedicated themselves to Pappa Nurgle. Same for the Knight Houses.

Well finally I can reveal my choice: the Traitor Titan Legion Festus and Knight House Scourge.

Traitor Legion Festus

There is very little information in the Imperial records about this obscure Titan Legion, though it is suspected to have been founded before the Age of the Imperium, during the Age of Strife.

The Legio Festus were based on the outer rim of Imperial space when the Heresy swept the Imperium into civil war. Overlooked by many and far away from the bulk of the fighting, the Titan Legion's commanders quickly succumbed to the lure of the Ruinous Powers and entered the fray on the side of the Warmaster.

Finding patronage with Nurgle, the Lord of Decay, Legio Festus set about bringing famine and pestilence to the galaxy and unleashed ancient plagues upon the helpless planets, thus winning their patron Lord's favour.

The Grand Master of the Festus Titan Legion, Shankor Bactario, willingly led his Legion into damnation and into the eternal servitude of the Lord of Decay. He pilots Bactarius, once a noble and mighty Warlord-class Titan.


Alongside Bactarius strides Contagus, a second Warlord-Class Titan, piloted by Princeps Sliv Contag. Together these towering engines of destruction have left many planets ravaged beyond repair, the smoking corpses of thousands of Loyalist troops filling the atmosphere and obscuring all.

Knight House Scourge

When the Titans of Legio Festus attacked a staging planet deep in the Outer Rim, only Knight House Scourge stood to repel them. Glad to see warriors of the Emperor after so many years of solitude, the Knights strode out to meet the Titans not realising they were walking out to a fate much worse than death.

What was initially thought to be a sandstorm turned out to be a swirling cloud of flies surrounding the two Warlord Titans Bactarius and Contagus. The whirling mass of pestilence scrambled scanners and turned haywire firing sensors, making the coming battle short and swift.

In an effort to prevent the entire population from being slaughtered, the Imperial governor pledged allegiance to Grand Master Bacterio. His reward: half the population were slain; the rest subjugated under his rule.

Thus the Knights of House Scourge dedicated their service to their new lord, and his master, Grandfather Nurgle. Now they stride side by side with the Titans of Legio Festus.

* * *
Now to work out the colour scheme. I'm thinking both Titan and Knight will have a similar scheme, using the same major colours but in different ways, as well as being close to Heresy Death guard colour scheme.

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