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What new manner of crazy is this?
Well, I've been inspired by my wife and her amazing ability over the last few months to organise not only her upcoming new semester at university and writing schedule, but the household chores, bills and pretty much everything else I'm useless at.

Knowing my anxiety-riddled scatterbrain of late, she has put into place checks and balances to make sure I remember to do certain things at certain times, and while still not 100% consistent yet, it has definately improved things of late.

So, with a rekindled fire for my own hobby burning away and the lure of several new projects, I've taken some of Lucy's organisational genius and come up with my BPPR system.

Build; Paint; Play and Read.

Build let's me know what currently needs putting together for a particular project be it the first three Knights for Adeptus Titanicus or the Space Marines that came in the first issue of Warhammer 40'000 Conquest.

Paint charts what stage each model in a project is at in regards to painting. This could be Primed, Blocked In, Shaded, Highlights, Details and Fine Details for those models that I'll take to a display standard.

Play is all about getting games in, something that has been sorely lacking from my hobby for many years. The anxiety plays funny tricks with the mind, makes you think you're always going to be judged by people if you try to join in, so I am going to be making a conscious effort to start regular games at Warhammer World.

Read is actually taking the time to sit down and read, again another neglected aspect not only of my hobby but my personal enjoyment. I used to read two or three books a month; now I barely read that a year - and that is going to change.

Rulebooks, novels, magazines; they're all included.

As you can see these are colour co-ordinated so easier to see what project is at what stage on my project board. Oh, didn't I tell you - I've a project board (of course I have!).

My Project Board
Getting up early every morning gives me time to put into action whatever is currently buzzing around in my brain, and this morning was no exception. I'd already planned out last night that I wanted to get my hobby properly organised and the steps needed to take to do that.

And here it is. All the game systems I'd like to cover, with the first ones written in (in the correct colour of course).

Titanicus is my main project with 40K Conquest next. I'm starting to look at either Warhammer Underworlds or perhaps Blood Bowl as a fantasy project so I'm not all scifi'd out. Low model-count games seem to be my thing at the moment, something I'll explore in a future podcast episode.

What goes on the board regarding build and paint is what I plan to do that week, and will form part of the week's podcast - yes, you heard: the Podcast is coming back with Episode 4 - A New Hope being recorded this weekend. (yay!)

When I have some painted models I'll be able to organise a game (which is why I'm thinking Warhammer Underworlds may be a good way to go next).

Right. Enough ramble
So that's it. A bit more organised, meaning some quality hobby time over the coming years, including, hopefully, rolling actual dice against an actual opponent.

Keep up to date with my progress by checking the Project logs under each game over there on the right - and if you fancy trying out some of the same games, click the link to go to Element Games where you'll be able to snag a copy or some models at a great discount (and don't forget to use the code JON230 for some extra store credit).


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