Thursday, August 30, 2018

Changes Are A-Coming

I was laid up in bed the last day or so thanks to a recurring illness (not anxiety related for a change) and was able to start taking a look at Adeptus Titanicus.

This was one of the first big box games I ever bought, after Blood Bowl 2nd edition and Dark Future (I think), and it introduced me to the Horus Heresy era of the 40K universe, something that has always lingered with me, and now threatens to become my new "historical" gaming era to explore.

I picked up a copy of the ruleset, along with a box of Knights and will be taking my time putting these together and painting them. As the model count is extremely low - perhaps somewhere between 5-10 models - I can really go to town on these and paint them all to display standard, good enough to enter a few competitions even.

But it wasn't just AT that has snuck into the #1 hobby spot. My wife picked me up a magazine to read while convalescing, and this just reinforces why I love her so much - she knows me too well.

This is a subscription magazine, with a new issue every week that brings models, paints and a few light articles about collecting and painting miniatures for Warhammer 40'000.

Having always wanted to get into the new edition but never finding the time, nor the money to really get involved, this is perfect for me as each issue will add just a couple of models, maybe some paints, and over time (I think the run is 80 issues, so nearly two years) I should amass the following:

That's two large armies and terrain and a good long term project to sink my teeth into without breaking the bank (too much). With such a long project, this will also be good for my mental health as it gives me a structure and focus and something to actually finish - a definite end goal.

And this is what I'll be mainly focusing on over the coming months, with all my Flames Of War content being done on the Battlefront UK Games Centre page and occaisional podcast episodes.

I'm still trying to get back into weekly posts and episodes so stick with me as I sort that out. but I'm excited now about this new direction and look forward to getting some proper hobby time in including games both at home and at Warhammer World - another big step to take.


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