Yeah . . .About Descent/Runewars. No.

So, only 4 days ago I was waxing lyrical about delving into the depths of Terrinoth with FFG's Descent: Journeys In The Dark, and Runewars Miniatures Game. Well, that lasted barely long enough for the ink to dry on the Terrinoth post, when someone got in touch asking if the game Descent was  available to buy, as they had bid on Runewars (I hadn't noticed) but would also like to get the dungeon crawler as well.

Never one to pass up an opportunity (and quite possibly still suffering from a depressive episode) I put Descent up alongside Runewars and instantly both had bids. They will sell today, and already the money has been used to find a replacement.

ZOMBICIDE GREEN HORDE is the second of the fantasy versions of the best selling Zombicide game by Cool Mini Or Not (CMON).

Black Plague took the zombie madness from modern day streets into the realms of fantasy, and now, Green Horde replaces the zombie peasants with Orc Zombies. More terrifying, brutal and downright evil, these undead Orcs get to mass off the board and descend on the Adventurers in a green horde that overwhelms the brave warriors in wave after wave of foul greenskins.

I've been a fan of these games while never truly getting into them in a big way, but that fantasy itch needs scratching and so I bought a copy of the core set.

I also placed a good sized bid on another fantasy game by CMON:
Very similar to the Zombicide game in both artistic design and theme, Massive Darkness however does have a unique factor of light and dark areas on the board affecting the way the game plays. There is also a ton of available expansions to add - more monsters, heroes etc - something Zombicide does lack.

I've found a huge collection for sale and have sent in an offer so we'll have to see if that comes off, as the miniatures look really good. If it doesn't, then I'll still pick up a copy of the game as it looks fun, and there's plenty to add to it to keep me engaged.

Check out my friends blog for an unboxing of the core set.

Right - that's where I am right now. Got Zombicide Green Horde on the way, and have started to paint up Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats. Hopefully the brain will settle down now, and I can concentrate on some painting.


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