Sunday, 27 May 2018

Dungeons & Dragons

My fantasy itch is being scratched of late by playing lots of Dungeons & Dragons. Not the actual RPG, but I've been playtesting an upcoming D&D boardgame from GF9, and this has re-ignited the fire. That my wife Lucy is the DM of our group is a good thing as well, despite the fact that we haven't been able to get everyone together for several months now due to moves, engagements and the usual shit that life throws in the way of slaying monsters with magic swords of +1 demonic binding.

Just me . . . okay. Moving on.

The good news is, Wizards of the Coast in conjunction with WhizKids have released a series of boardgames that give the flavour of an RPG session without the intricate details. You have your quest, you have your companions and off you go into the dungeon, fight monsters, nick their loot and hightail it out of there mission accomplished.



They are more of a tactical combat game than a true roleplay game. There's not much character progression other than a simple spend gold to buy +1 reroll or regain Hit Points etc, and nothing to cover travel across the Forgotten Realms land, but that's where homebrew comes in.

Lucy and I are about to embark on an exciting D&D adventure. It's going to be a long running campaign, starting off with Wrath Of Ashardalon. We'll paint up the models representing our heroes and then slowly paint all the monsters as we work through all the scenarios in the game.

But even better; I'm going to write campaign rules that govern travel across the Sword Coast, with encounters, freak weather, attacked by bandits or goblins. There'll be village and city encounters where we might get given a side quest, or chased by the City Watch.

For our upcoming anniversary I bought us a copy of Sword Coast Adventurers Guide book which details the background, locations and dangers of the entire Sword Coast. And it comes with maps, so my first task will be to write some simple travel rules to work with the boardgames (using the RPG rules as a basis).

To get back into the swing of painting, I picked up a couple of the miniatures we make at work. With our Battlefront Open Day coming up at the end of June, I'm going to enter one of them into the staff painting competition.


Not decided yet which I'll enter, but I have the Drizzt entire novel collection to start reading, plus we're learning how to play the Tyrants Of The Underdark game at the minute, so I'm leaning towards the Drow right now.

But Minsc could be a great model to have as my ranger character - choices, choices.

And there's even more . . .

You can now buy a range of unpainted miniatures very similar to the ones that come in the various adventure game boxes. These look amazing and at a great price point as well - £5 for 2 skeletons isn't bad as far as I'm concerned, and for very little cost I'll be able to populate taverns, tombs and dungeons with a wide range of adversaries and allies.


Lots to come regarding D&D so sharpen your sword, adventurer!

Do you play D&D?
Have you tried the Adventure Game Series?
Have you bought some of Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures?
Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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