Friday, 17 November 2017

Soviets; Soviets everywhere...

Monday sees the next game in our unfolding narrative, with my Soviets starting their attack through Hof (the German town, not the briefly held Rebel ice planet). I've had issues with my Soviet Green spray can (see earlier photo post) so haven't actually painted the models in full yet. so while I got the can ready to try again at the weekend I've been thinking over my army list.

My original plan was to create an army based around the models from the new Hammerfall starter set starting a new T-64 formation to go alongside my T-72's already painted, but that feels a little like taking a step back, so I have chosen to stick with my T-72 Death's Head Battalion.

Our game on Monday is 44 points and my chosen list is:

Compulsory Choices
T-72 Battalion HQ: 5pts
T-72 Tank Company (3): 12 points
T-72 Tank Company (3): 12 points

T-64 Tank Company (3) + songster missiles: 15

TOTAL: 44 points

That means I have the weekend to paint up at least 3 T-64's in the Deaths Head Battalion colours, which should be no problem - if I can get the spray cans to work!

But it's not just Cold War Soviets on the painting/assembly table...

We just got the brand new Armies of Late War book for Flames Of War, which details 20 formations for the four main Nations of the war: Germans, British, US and my favourite, the Soviets.

In anticipation of this book coming out, my wife bought me the start of a Soviet force for my birthday. This gives me:

9 x T-64/85
6 x IS-2
3 x ISU-122
A complete Infantry company.

In a similar fashion to what we're doing with Team Yankee, Gareth and I have agreed to slowly build our new Late War armies and play some lunchtime games.

This weekend, while painting the TY tanks, I'll be plotting out my army list, picking from the several formations in the book, and starting to assemble the models, the plan being to get the first block painted in a single weekend.

The next episode of the In Good Spirits Podcast will land on the 30th November, as I haven't had the time to sit down and record, plus with so many new releases coming out, and developments in our hobby sites the show will need to be a bit longer, so I can cover everything.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.

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