Sunday, 11 June 2017

Zombicide: Black Plague

I love zombies. Zombie movies; zombie books, and most definitely zombie games. My first zombie themed game was the brilliant Zombie-Dice and then like everyone else I was hooked by the new Zombicide when it hit Kickstarter. It did really well but it was the second season that broke all records hitting over $2 million.

Seems people really liked zombies!

And now Cool Mini Or Not, (CMON) have taken Zombicide and reskinned it with a fantasy theme. I say have taken, they did this last year but it is only now that I have finally gotten the core set. I had the modern Zombicide for a while but had to part with it to raise funds, so finally having a chance to really dive in and explore the fantasy realm is really exciting.

But why now... well, once again over on Kickstarter, there is the new CMON campaign for a second fantasy-themed Zombicide: Green Horde, filled with garish undead Orcs, Goblin runners and a weird assortment of Survivors. It has already passed the $2 million mark and as of writing has another 16 days to go. The evergrowing list of miniatures currently stands at 123 - that's an entire village worth!

I will be doing a series of articles all about Zombicide Black Plague, including unboxing, game play, painting and tactics for the hard core player.

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