Monday, 29 May 2017

IRON MAIDEN: Assembling the British

This article was first published in October 2016

So this is what 91 points of British forces for Iron Maiden looks like unassembled. A total mish-mash of sprues and metals.

It's actually quite an imposing thing to behold when you pull everything out from their respective boxes and lay them out in one big pile in front of you - my immediate thought was: crap, the boss is going to be gloating over me not finishing this for months!

Building an entire army at once is probably not the best course of action to take. In fact, when I used to run hobby shops of my own many a moon ago, I wouldn't recommend doing what I was about to do, as having so many models at once can have the opposite reaction and turn people off the entire project, leaving a pile of un-assembled, unpainted models in the To-Do box rather than being used on the battlefield.

However, I was up for the challenge and dived right in!

(for this article I will use the Chieftains as the example, as the stages I go through are the same for each different troop type).

Assembling Line Hobbying

The key to building an entire army in a few days is assembly line thinking.
Rather than working on one individual model at a time, cutting all the bits out, cleaning them up individually and gluing together before moving on to the next model, I prefer to work on one section at a time for all of the models, in this case the Chieftain tank.

Happy with that I then start gluing the tracks to the chasis, making sure they are level and don't rock once assembled.
Once the components are all cleaned of mold lines, a quick dry fit to make sure everything connects correctly helps prevent any mishaps later.
As the first parts dry, this gives me time to cut out the top chasis section plus side skirts, again cleaning away any mold lines.

With those sections now drying, its cutting out the main turrets, gun barrels, hatches.

And the same gets done with the infantry:

  • All cleaned up removing extra flashing and mold lines (of which there were very few) 
  • All bases and base plugs cut and cleaned. 
  • Models arranged by Team 
  • Models glued down

It took a while sorting out which models were which Teams, mainly due to my unfamiliarity with the game, but thanks to help from Anders and Matt it didn’t take long to have everything all sorted and organised. 

And there’s the finished force, all assembled and primed with Chieftain Green spray ready for painting.


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