Wednesday, 31 May 2017

MID-WAR: Planning An 80pt Desert Rats Army

Confession time: while the website is called The 40+ Wargamer, only one part of that title is actually true. Unfortunately (for me) it's the first part: I am over 40 and will be hitting the second to last tickbox on most online applicaitons [45-50] this year.

The second part - Wargamer - is a bit of a stretch as for the last *mumbles something incoherrent* years I've not really gamed that much war. I've painted a lot of miniatures, bought many different rulesystems, but never actually got round to regular gaming. And by that I mean at least once a week with a like minded group. We do have our relatively new D&D group sessions run by my wife (we get married on Tuesday 30th May) but have only had a couple of games, one of which was a lengthy character creation session.

I've said I'll start attending our works Thursday games nights but something has always cropped up be it Lucy forgetting her keys and needing picking up from University, or illness or somesuch. Well, I plan to put a stop to that and have arranged my first true game of Flames Of War for the second week of June, with @dark_vapian on Instagram.

Choosing The Army

Now I've already written about picking my initial force in A Newbie's Guide To Flames Of War and it hasn't changed much from that first post except that with the release of the new plastic Infantry for the Desert Rats I wanted to include those. Painting 15mm infantry is what has me really excited for both Flames Of War and Team Yankee, so now that they are out, I just have to have a platoon of them.

And in the Formation Support category, I can take a compulsory Combat Unit from another formation and field it as support for my Grant Formation - simples!

In order to field these I need to remove one of the Grant Troops, which brings my total points down to 70. With no spare hobby finances to be able to buy a Troop of Honeys or two Troops of support Crusaders, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Or I was until the new Command Cards were released.

Contains 36 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and customise your units.
With points varying from 0-8 (the majority being 1-2) this will help me customise my army and make it more personal and unique to my style of play, as opposed to the standard lists just taken from the book. I have 10 points available to spend and while I've shown you (and dark_vapian) what my force consists of, I don't intend to reveal what cards I'll be taking just to retain a little element of surprise.

And so here is the final army list:

Next time, I'll write about painting the army, and the "joys" of using magnets. 

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